Project Ethereum Launches June 5, 2017

 Project Ethereum Building Wealth and Humanity

Launching on June 5, 2017, Project Ethereum is creating a way for the average person to generate wealth while creating a movement of humanity around the world.

The belief at Project Ethereum is that wealth is measured in more ways one. It is not how much money an individual earns, but how that individual fosters growth and what they can contribute to other people and also impact communities that are most needing in their journey to creating wealth.  

Through one of the membership rewards programs in partnership with Choice Humanitarian, members are able to take advantage of boots on the ground movement to travel on expeditions to aid in various aspects of economic development in Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, or Peru. As a member, you are invited to sign up and be a part of expeditions that has been serving communities in different countries for the last 35 years through Choice.


The Project Ethereum’s tagline is “Building Wealth and Humanity”, and the structured Membership Donation Program proves promising to help the everyday person do both, to learn more or sign up visit:


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