Is the life of your family worth $19.95?

It was stumbling across a website online that started it.

The opportunity on the other side of the link I clicked turned out to be a big hoax.


At least it had got me to see BIGGER things. What am I on about?

Building a business online.

It took years of failing and countless thousands of dollars, to get where I am today.

Luckily .. You don’t have to go through that, depending on your answer to the next question of course.

Here’s the question.

Is the life of your family worth $19.95?

If there was a way to make five figures per month for the lowly price point of $19.95, would you take it? Because there is.

See, making moo-lah online is much like going to the casino. Except for in this casino you get to see where the dealer is hiding the winning hand.

In other words… You can win every time that you roll the dice. And you can be the proud hero in your family’s story. The one they look up to, love and admire.

Or you could pass this post off as just another marketer trying to sell you up shit creek without a paddle.


You should know that it doesn’t make a scrap of difference to me whether you take action.

It’s your life. And it’s your choice on whether you stay stuck in the mud or finally move forward.

At just $19.95 you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.​​​​​​​

So if your family is REALLY worth it then start with the first step to achieve your dream!

Work Smarter. Not Harder

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