How To Make Money And Play Your Own Game

Make Money By Playing Your Own Game

Do you remember when you were a kid and you spent hours playing with your friends?

You were up at the crack of dawn, full of excitement and energy, and what seemed like only an hour later your mother or father was calling you in for dinner. You’d look around and realise that the sun had actually started setting and you’d be amazed that you hadn’t even noticed.

In fact, you’d be pretty cheezed off with your parents because you were “only just starting to get into it”. I remember playing football way into the dark and having my mum screaming at me that if I didn’t come in “now” I wouldn’t be allowed out the next day.

You were playing a game. You were totally absorbed. NOTHING else mattered.

Did you know you could make money online and offline doing exactly the same thing?

If you’ve searched the internet for ways to make money online, then you would have come across a multitude of methods for doing so. Everything from filling out surveys, affiliate marketing, cost per action programs and blogging for profit, through to wholesale or private label physical products sales via platforms such as e-bay and Amazon.

Each of these methods has their pros and cons but there’s one thing about all of them that’s really missing.


It’s called, gamification. No matter which of the above methods you choose, you are generally locked into whatever platform or system the method requires. For example, in the classic world of affiliate marketing, you’re either paying for traffic through places like Facebook or Adwords and sending people to a lead or sales page that has been pre-designed for that particular product, or you are doing hundreds of blogs or articles to drive traffic instead.

There’s really no leeway to what you can do. Sure, there are systems you can buy to automate tasks, or you can outsource tasks, but you’re still just following a pattern that hundreds of people are currently doing and so you just become a voice lost in the wind.

With gamification, you play your own game.

That is, you create the environment in which you work and the methods by which you make money. Yes, you can still promote the same sort of products already mentioned, but you do it in such a way that is totally different to the masses, and therefore becomes a thousand times more satisfying. You become a creator of your own life, in your own way.

But how do I do that?, I hear you ask.

Good question. You might think I’m talking about earning money playing games, but I’m not. It’s got nothing to do with “games” in the sense of playing a computer game. But it’s got everything to do with creating an environment where both you and your potential customers are playing a game to acheive an end result. For you, it’s your ideal lifestyle, for them it’s the purchase of something they really want (and that you want them to buy).

Let me introduce you to The Trainer Method

The Trainer Method is a both a program and a community that teaches you how to re-shape your life so that you are playing your own game.

In exactly the same way that you will end up gamifying your own products or services, the Trainer Method takes you through a game where you work on five main sections of your life. It’s called the five F’s.

Finance, Family, Faith, Fitness and my favorite, Fun.

You start off by defining what each of those areas means to you, both from where you stand now, and what you may want in the future. You then work through a process called Ascension where you go through 90 day periods of attaining points towards each of the five areas in an attempt to reach your desired target for that 90 days.

For example, in the area of Fun, you might have 2 main tasks (in fact, all areas have 2 main tasks) and they are, make someone laugh (or be happy in some way) and make sure you laugh or be happy in some way, such as telling jokes, or watching funny videos or creating crazy memes. It really doesn’t matter what the source is, as long as you can hold your hand over your heart and say “yes, I did this today”. For those two tasks, you earn a point each toward your daily and weekly score.

In finance, it might be that you’ve set yourself an income goal of $5,000 for the month, and to achieve that you need to do one thing each day that improves your skills and complete your daily to-do list. If you do that, you earn another 2 points. And so on.

At the end of each day, you tally up your points and record them in the Trainer Method app. At the end of the week, those points are collated by the Trainer Method crew and added to your 90 day totals.

The goal of course is to complete all your 90 day goals (which doesn’t always mean completing your daily tasks) but one thig usually leads to another. After 90 days, you review your progress and then set a new 90 day target and start again.

It’s the most incredibly powerful way to achieve what you want.

But it goes deeper than that because while you’re doing the program, you yourself are learning how to gamify your life and anything else you turn your hand to. And usually that means making money on the internet.

You begin to see a new way to make money from all the same old tired methods. New ways that put you head and shoulders above all the competition.

In many cases, the original goals you set for yourself change dramatically because now you can see yourself as something much bigger than you originally thought. Like I said, it’s incredibly powerful. And I’ve only really covered the start of the program. Each step of the game takes you higher and higher. 

But the best part of all, is that you feel like a kid again. Nothing becomes a chore, everything is fun and you find yourself waking up each morning bursting with excitement and energy just like you remember from your childhood. It’s life altering. 

And that’s just the beginning. All throughout the program you can earn extra points for various tasks, win prizes worth thousands of dollars, get access to products and people that you would never have found or got access to before. In short, you enter a world that is way beyond your imagination and can help you to make the kind of money you’ve always wanted while living the life you’ve always wanted.

There’s still work to be done, don’t think there isn’t. But is playing football work?

Yeah, it is, but it’s a whole lot of fun too. 

When you learn how to combine the two, then you’ve really created your ultimate life.

how to make money and play your own game